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Dennis B. Doherty
Chairman of Lyons & Hannover, Ltd.

In 1964, Mr. Doherty formed ProData Corporation in California and developed the first automated legal accounting system for law firms.  ProData developed, for the State of California and the province of Ontario, Canada, one of the first teleprocessing monitoring systems available at that time allowing legislators to mark-up pending bills from their offices directly to a central processor that would mark-up and amend legislation that could be taken off the CPU and printed on a timely basis.  ProData had offices in New York, Century City, CA and Zug, Switzerland.  ProData became an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Vary & Associates (who at the time produced a computer comparable to the IBM 360 series).  ProData completed installations at National Fiber Board, the State of California, a private company in what was then Rhodesia, and a number of other independent users. Mr. Doherty sold his interest in ProData in 1975 and returned with his family to New Mexico. 

Mr. Doherty has spent over thirty years creating operating companies that use innovative investment strategies to profit from emerging alternative asset classes. In 1976 he joined Doherty & Co., a broker-dealer making markets in regional bank stocks.  In 1977 Mr. Doherty founded Hanseatic Group, Inc., a New Mexico-based Commodity Trading Advisor that used nonlinear quantitative models to trade for global clients. Hanseatic was one of the first such companies to be endorsed by major securities firms including Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and PaineWebber.  In the mid-1980’s Mr. Doherty’s company, the Hanseatic Group was one of the first inter-bank currency trading and advisory firms to provide 24-hour advisory services to major financial clients worldwide.  In 1993 Mr. Doherty sold Hanseatic to an international merchant bank based in Europe and began advising selected large pension funds, foundations and Taft-Hartley plans about securities lending and short-term investment policies.  In 1993 Mr. Doherty formed Lyons & Hannover to do art-based financing for large corporate clients, foundations and museums, then expanded to modeling art prices, offering art and musical instruments as hard asset investments, and working with nonprofit and state institutions to increase public access to art. 

Mr. Doherty received an MBA from Pepperdine University, and completed advanced studies in international finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Robert O. Anderson Graduate School of Management of the University of New Mexico.  Founder of the Espanola Military Academy, Director and CEO of the National Foundation for Military Charters, and Director and President of the Cremona Foundation. He is Treasurer and a Director of the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools, which serves 70 schools throughout the State of New Mexico. 

He is currently Chairman of Lyons & Hannover, Ltd., a Jersey (UK) based specialty lending company and is currently creating a new company, Alt Energy Group, Inc. which will provide large wind turbines to small to medium sized communities as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).   Mr. Doherty was President of a conservative synagogue in Northern California from 1972 to 1974 and has been active in Chabad of New Mexico since 1995.