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Dr. Toni Thomas Luskin
Professor, Media, Psychology and Education

Dr. Toni Thomas Luskin is an experienced media producer; writer and on-camera host whose credits include programs for such organizations as the BBC, American Public Television, cable television networks and numerous private interests. She produced and field directed the highly popular television series, “You Asked For It”, (syndicated to eleven countries) and co-hosted on camera with comedian Rich Little. Dr. Luskin has worked as a field reporter for network television news, host for cable television’s New Media News, and as a host on many television programs and infomercials. A commercial-rated pilot, she served as commentator and pilot delivering traffic, weather and news reports for KGIL Radio as the first female “Eye in the Sky”. Toni has extensive experience in the field of voice-over/narration for television, film and radio. Her credits as a narrator and singer include national commercials for McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Red Rose Tea, and many others. She has done narration and voice work for many television series such as Battle Star Galactica, Jake and the Fat Man, and several children’s animated series. She regularly serves as the professional voice on commercially produced DVD programs.

Toni has served as the annual host and presenter of the European DVD Awards in Dublin, Ireland since 1996. In 2003 she hosted the first annual I Dream Film and Television Awards broadcast from the United Arab Emirates and continues to participate in education and media related events in the region. Toni has authored articles related to media and technology, several screen plays, and is co-author author of Casting the ‘Net Over Global Learning, published in late 2003. Dr. Luskin serves on the board of directors of The American Film Institute Associates. She is a Founder and Patron of the Los Angeles Opera and served on the board of directors of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra where she has hosted numerous fundraisers and events. Dr. Luskin participates in activities of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is professor of media, psychology and education at Touro University teaching in industrial and organizational psychology and media and communication studies. She is an avid horsewoman who currently competes in the hunter division at horse shows throughout the West Coast circuit. Dr. Luskin holds a Master of Arts Degree in Human & Organizational Development and a Ph.D. degree in Media Studies from Fielding Graduate University. She lives in Lake Sherwood with her husband, Bernie, and has two sons, Ryan and Matteo.