Desktop Publisher / Web-Page Designer

This program prepares students for employment in the exciting fields of Web Page Development and Design. Students will develop a firm understanding of HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Dreamweaver MX, and FTP applications to develop, maintain, and manage websites. Students will demonstrate successful use of technology using Photoshop CS2, and Flash MX to enhance graphics and animate web pages. Students will also learn to construct animated GIFs and create streaming audio & video using industry standard movie-editing software. Students will learn techniques of product photography for insertion to business websites. Each person will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively in group settings and with outside customers in the design, development, and management of real websites for local businesses and industries using a variety of these cutting-edge technologies.

The instruction is individualized to accommodate open-entry/open-exit training. Students will learn by way of hands-on training and be allowed to move at their own pace. Students demonstrate their proficiency with the course material by completing selected text exercises and tests and by creating a personal portfolio of professional and exciting websites.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate the following skills, understanding and knowledge in order to be competitive in the field of web development and design:

  1. Hardware and software components of the computer’s operating system including Photoshop CS2 and Flash
  2. Use of standard word processor, spreadsheet, and database management system
  3. Web development tools including HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, CSS
  4. Demonstrate written and verbal communications involving proofreading and editing techniques
  5. Techniques of Product Photography
  6. Fundamentals of Scanning and the use of scanning technology
  7. Awareness of contracts and copyright protocols and the importance of good work ethics
  8. Using internet tools to update and maintain websites including FTP software
  9. Step by step process of web development project management to efficiently achieve short and long term goals
  10. Selling Skills to effectively communicate freelance web designer



  • Basic keyboarding course 30 net words-per-minute speed
  • Computer Operator/Literacy 1, or demonstrated knowledge of computer systems, DOS, and firm knowledge of Windows 2000 or XP. Working knowledge of word processing software. Pretest will be administered! No exceptions!
  • Ninth grade reading level is recommended for reading and comprehension of the textbook.

Student Evaluation

The Following criteria will be used to determine the student’s final grade:



Young Adults must complete assigned work in order to



receive a grade. The instructor will issue an assignment

Technical/Management Development 


list and grade accordingly. Students not completing ALL

Website Portfolio 


work will receive no credit.