Campus Expansion - Academy of Gourmet Cuisine & Creative Arts

Academy of Gourmet Cuisine & Creative Arts



Culinary School & Hospitality Management

In conjunction with some of the world's most acclaimed culinary schools, and under the guidance of some of the Southland's finest chefs, this program will provide training in the preparation of a diverse range of dishes and menus — from the appetizer through the dessert; from fine American fare to exotic ethnic cuisine. In addition to attaining exquisite culinary skills, students will master the complexities of kitchen management and safety, nutritional balance, spice and flavor blending, food artistry and presentation, dining environment andambience.

School of Theater and Drama

Working with a variety of published plays and scripts, students of this department will be called upon to participate in group readings, memorize dialogue, perform monologues, and even improvise on stage. There will be training in analyzing the subtle nuances of body language and staging in performances before live audiences. The program will provide the added benefits of enhanced communication skills, self confidence, reading comprehension, and vocabulary proficiency.

School of Music Appreciation and Sound Production

By understanding musical theory and technique, students will attain a new level of appreciation for the beauty and brilliance of what the Chassidic masters refer to as the "pen of the soul." Students will be introduced to the complexities of musical expression — including matters of pitch, harmony, notes, and tempo — via a variety of genres. Other units of the program will be customized to particular musical backgrounds, interests and abilities, including writing and composition, instrumental instruction such as guitar, piano, clarinet, flute, violin, and drums and sound production and recording.

School of Art and Visual Expression

In addition to offering courses in art history and appreciation, this department will secure expert art mentors and teachers to provide instruction in the use of a variety of sketching/drawing media — including pencil, charcoal, and pastels. It will also offer training modules in painting and principles of two-dimensional design, allowing students to express some of their innermost voices and talents.

Private Dining Room

Used for more intimate meetings and convocations — whether for students, visiting lay leaders, faculty or family members — this smaller dining room will have a unique ambience of its own. Given its convenient proximity, students of the Academy of Gourmet Cuisine will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their craft by making real-life, high-end, gourmet presentations in this exclusive setting.

Meat Kitchen / Dairy Kitchen

In keeping with kosher dietary laws, JETS will feature two completely separate state-of-the-art commercial kitchens — each with its own regiment of refrigeration units, cooking/baking appliances, ventilation systems, pots, utensils, and preparation counters — with which to feed hundreds on a daily basis.

Dining Room

In addition to being the gathering place where students will enjoy wholesome and nutritious meals daily, the JETS Dining Room is where special memories will be created every weekend around the Shabbat table, conducted in the classic JETS spirit of warmth and joy, enhanced by lively singing, motivational messages and inspirational stories — that will leave profound everlasting memories.


A less formal dining atmosphere for breakfast, lunch, and "nosh-and-shmooze" sessions, the school cafeteria will present a distinctively casual and relaxed dynamic of its own. The laid-back sense of familiarity engendered by joining with others over a tasty meal, provides for invaluable befriending and mentoring opportunities.

Washing Stations

In a ritual dating back to Temple times, the formal washing of the hands via a qualifying pouring device and the recital of an accompanying blessing is a prerequisite to the "breaking of bread" for a meal. It also elevates the status of such washing stations to something far loftier than mere sinks. They are veritable "fountains of blessing."