Campus Expansion - The Joyce & Stanley Black Trade Building

The Joyce & Stanley Black Trade Building



Construction / Carpentry Workshop

From framing, dry-walling, window-works, and roofing to the study of millworks and fine carpentry, this course will provide hands-on training in various specialized fields of construction. It will also offer guidance in the use of construction drawings and power tools.

Plumbing Workshop

From installation to repairs, irrigation to Drain, Waste and Vent, this course will train students in various aspects of the plumbing trade utilizing a wide range of tools and materials. It will also cover working with drawings and pipe-camera technology.

Electrical High Voltage Workshop

From electrical theory to applied technology, students will be trained in all aspects of electrical wiring and installation, including complex circuitry and device boxes. The course will also cover safety measures, code compliance, and energy saving strategies.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Workshop

A comprehensive study of the mechanicals of both commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, this course will include units on furnaces, refrigerant lines, evaporator coils, condensing units, temperature control, and duct installation.

Electrical Low Voltage Workshop

Students will be trained in the installation and connections of finer electronics, both hardwired circuitry and wireless telecom, audio, video, monitor, alarm systems, and digital networks for both residential and commercial uses.

Green Technology Workshop

With society's heightened interest and emphasis on new and efficient forms of energy, this course will offer indepth instruction on emerging technologies within the solar/thermal and renewable energy industries — on both the residential and commercial fronts.

Department of Real Estate

Students enrolled in this course will learn the essentials and dynamics of real estate, including the study and analysis of market trends and the functions of mortgage financing, title regulations, zoning restrictions, and added-value projections.

Department of Phtotography

This course will offer students hands-on experience in the use of lighting and the latest in digital photography to produce the sharpest imagery for a broad range of exhibition and publication uses. It will incorporate the use of Photoshop and other exciting tools.

Department of Accounting & Bookeeping

This course will instruct students in the basic principles and techniques of individual and business accounting, including tax preparation and bookkeeping procedures. It will also include training in the use of QuickBooks and electronic filing methods.

Department of Vital Health Statistics

Students enrolled in this course will be trained in the administration of first-response emergency medical services, aquatic lifeguarding, physical fitness, nutrition enhancement, stress management, and substance abuse prevention.

Department of Small Business Entrepreneurship, Merchandising & Marketing

This course will introduce students to the basics of starting up and running a business. Creating a business plan, establishing and maintaining budgets, sales techniques, advertising, customer management, record keeping, and economic analysis.

Department of Computer Aided Design, Drafting, Computer Literacy & Networking

This course will teach basic concepts of architectural schematics and design utilizing the latest computer aided design software. Training will include the production of actual blueprints using in-house plotters and printers. Students attending this course will be trained in various IT skills including networking, database administration, multimedia technologies, graphics, and website design.

Department of High School Academics & College Readiness Center

The Center will facilitate students earning a high school diploma from LAUSD or equivalent certificate from the California Department of Education and will provide college readiness skills, counseling, and aid in applying for government grants.