Campus Expansion - Residence Hall & Outdoor Plaza

Residence Hall & Outdoor Plaza



Residence Hall Wing

The Residence Hall is a place where students can unwind, read, listen to music, attend to personal matters, exchange ideas, hopes and aspirations with dormmates, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Indeed, nothing fosters a sense of independence, responsibility and camaraderie like dormitory life. The new JETS Residence Wing — complete with its spacious and modern layout/design, handicap access, convenient laundry rooms and attractive furnishings — will be a place every student will be happy to come home to at the end of a full and productive day of study and challenge.

Hospitality Wing

"Family" and "Hospitality" are key components of the JETS mission. From their initial campus-visit to graduation-day, the parent body is recognized as vital partners in charting the success of the student body. Its members are thus invited to share the JETS experience firsthand. Likewise, visiting scholars, lecturers, dignitaries, and Shabbat guests are always a welcome sight on campus. The JETS Hospitality Wing will provide comfortable accommodations for these guests of honor and their families.

Amphiteater / Outdoor Classroom

With a seating capacity of over 300, this splendid amphitheater — framed by the picturesque Santa Susana Mountains — will provide an inviting arena for outdoor concerts, productions and group assemblies of a theatrical and/or educational nature. The amphitheater will also provide a fitting venue for the presentation of the historical background and narratives relating to the adjacent Holocaust Rail-Car Exhibit.

The Joyce & Stanley Black Memorial Park

The centerpiece of the JETS Holocaust Memorial Park will be an actual rail-car from Warsaw, Poland weighing five tons and spanning thirty feet in length used by the Nazis to transport their victims to the concentration camps. In the words of Stanley Black, "Our intention is to use this ghastly artifact of evil as a positive force with which to educate people about the horrors of bigotry and hate."

Student Lounges

Each floor of the Dormitory Wing will feature its own student lounge for social and utilitarian purposes. Fully furnished and equipped with couches, work-stations, power outlets and computer consoles, these lounges — strategically situated apart from other common areas for enhanced privacy and calm — will provide ideal settings for study-groups, rap-sessions, rehearsals, and student-event planning sessions.

Main Entry Plaza

The access route through which all students, faculty members, employees and visitors must inevitably pass — whether upon arriving, departing or traversing the JETS campus — this main thoroughfare will receive the premises' primary exposure on a daily basis. An apt theme for the Main Entry Plaza would thus be the Biblical verse, "Blessed shall you be when you come in and blessed shall you be when you go out." (Deuteronomy 28:6)

Pool & Recreation Deck

Featuring an Olympic half-sized swimming pool, splash-pool, spacious sun-deck, and women's and men's locker rooms, JETS' new outdoor Aquatic Center will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the school's multi-level swimming instruction, aquatic competition and life-guard training programs. It will also allow for regularly scheduled recreational swimming sessions for students, faculty-members and registered visitors.

Courtyard Plaza

A tranquil setting complete with lush foliage and a meditation garden, JETS Courtyard Plaza will feature decorative and durable outdoor tables and chairs, making it an ideal location for students to do homework or research, chat quietly with schoolmates, or meet one-on-one with teachers and counselors.

Front Garden - East & West

Visitors to the JETS campus will be greeted at its entrypoint by lush and colorful seasonal landscaping. True to the majestic spacious and artistic architecture of the campus as a whole, these two front gardens will be designed to portray the "blooming" and "blossoming" of many promising, fertile, and prosperous futures.

Sukkah Plaza

An appealing framed patio for casual socializing throughout the course of the year, this specially designated area of the JETS campus known as "Sukkah Plaza" will be the site upon which a large beautiful Sukkah (holiday booth) will be erected annually for use by students, staff members, and neighboring residents during the "Season of Rejoicing." Fittingly situated adjacent to the Academy of Gourmet Cuisine, the communal Sukkah will be a place for festive dining, congregating, and celebrating.

Organic Farm - From Farm to Table

The new JETS campus will house its own on-site organic farm to produce a diverse range of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Students will develop hands-on skills and expertise in the care and management of an organic farm. Students enrolled in this course will be trained in a variety of sustainable agriculture related careers.