JETS Senior Staff


FACULTY: Rabbi Josh Zipp

Rabbi Josh Zipp
Title: Remedial

Department: Faculty
Phone: 818.831.3000

Josh Zipp was born and raised in Santa Barbara and began his religious journey with his family at 11 years old through the guidance of the local Shluchim.  He moved to Reno, Nevada shortly thereafter, with his family, to pursue his interest in training as a skier for the Para-Olympics, but soon realized his love for Yiddishkeit and moved back to Southern California to attend Yeshivah Ohr Elchonon Chabad.  Josh completed yeshivah and went on to receive Smicha in 2004.  He has worked with JETS for 4 years, first as a dorm counselor, and later as a tutor and mentor.  He deeply enjoys his work with teens and young adults and draws upon his own unique life experiences and intuition to meet the needs of today’s youths. Josh also continues to work as a real-estate developer and entrepreneur, which he done since 2003. Josh married in 2008 and he and his wife Rochel live in Los Angeles.