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FACULTY: Rabbi Sholem Perl

Rabbi Sholem Perl
Title: Director of Development

Department: Faculty
Phone: 818.831.3000

Rabbi Perl, originally from London, is married for 27 years to his wife Leah, and is blessed with eight children and three grandchildren, Kein Yirbu.

Rabbi Sholem Perl received his Rabbinical Ordination in 1979 from Rabbi Peikarski, obm of Queens, NY. Rabbi Perl began his career in 1979 in New York as a Director of the Youth Programs for the newly arrived Iranian immigrant teens. He assisted in educating and integrating them into their new homeland.
Upon seeing his success with the youth, in 1979 Rabbi Perl was hired as a guide and educator at the Chanoch Lenoar Yeshiva of Brooklyn, NY, a school for teens. In 1980-1982 Rabbi Perl was hired to teach Talmudical and Judaic Studies at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, in Brooklyn NY. He succeeded in imbuing his students with a true love for learning.

In 1983 Rabbi Perl and his family were transferred by Yeshivah Ohr Elchonon Chabad of Los Angeles, CA where he taught Talmudical Studies, as well as various Judaic subjects. There, he had tremendous impact on many students over the ten year period. Many of Rabbi Perl’s students affectionately mention that the year they had spent with him in class will always be ingrained in their memory.

In 1993-2002 Rabbi Perl became the Director of Outreach at the Chabad Russian Immigrant Program in Los Angeles. He developed and ran programs for over five thousand Russian immigrant children, together with Rabbi Mayer Schmukler. In 2002 Rabbi Perl realized the tremendous need for a Jewish trade school for teens. He is now an educator at JETS.