JETS Senior Staff


FACULTY: Rabbi Yosef Engel

Rabbi Yosef Engel
Title: Administrator

Department: Faculty
Phone: 818.831.3000
Email: [email protected]

Rabbi Engel grew up in Montreal Canada, where he attended Yeshiva Tomche Temimim. Upon graduating, he was sent as an emissary to Sydney Australia where he was involved in intense community work. In 2002 He studied for his rabbinic ordination at Rabbinical College of Sydney, Australia. He received his ordination from Rabbi Yeruslavsky, Rabbi Lesches and Rabbi Feldman. For a few summers, he was in managing positions for major overnight camps with over 700 people to accommodate. From 2003 – 2008 he was hired by Tzivos Hashem world Headquarters, the world's largest Jewish children's organization situated in New York. Rabbi Engel was appointed as project manager, coordinating dozens of educational programs for children around the globe. In June of 2008 JETS hired Rabbi Engel to run the administration office at JETS. He currently resides in Granada Hills, California with his wife Dini and his two daughters.