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How To Make A Gift

Other Ways to Support the Critical Programs of JETS

Cash: Cash is always a great way to give and is deductible with the IRS depending upon your personal circumstances.

Credit Card: You may make a one-time gift to the school on your credit card, or charge a monthly donation. As with all financial records held by the school, your credit card information is kept confidential.

Real Estate: Several methods are available for gifts of real estate, and donors are usually entitled to an income tax deduction. Donations of real estate may include a personal residence, vacation home, apartment building, commercial property or land. You may retain a life interest in your personal residence, gifting ownership to JETS after your lifetime.

Matching Gifts: Many companies offer matching gift programs that allow their employees to effectively match, double, or triple their gifts to JETS. This list contains the names of nationwide companies that have established matching gift programs. Contact your employer to find out your company's matching gift policy or our Annual Giving office for more information.

Gifts-In-Kind: Tangible gifts such as property, art objects, and equipment can be donated to the school for educational purposes or resale.

Memorial Gifts: You may make a memorial gift to JETS in honor of a loved one, a favorite professor, or to commemorate a significant event such as a child's graduation.

Stocks & Securities: Gifts of stock permit you to bypass the capital gains tax. In addition, you are eligible for a charitable income tax deduction for the full appreciated value of the stock, resulting in additional savings. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other securities given to the school may provide a considerable savings in capital gains taxes for the donor. There are both income tax and estate tax benefits to donating an IRA or other retirement funds. This is a very effective way of leaving a significant gift to JETS as part of your estate plans. Arrangements for your gift can be made between your broker and Rabbi Mayer Schmukler.

**Donors should consult with their own attorneys or other financial advisors for tax and legal advice when considering any type of planned gift.**

Please contact us for additional information regarding any of these giving options.

Give to the Jewish Educational Trade School

The cost of creating and operating this revolutionary new concept in Jewish education is high.

The price of not creating is much higher.

  • In order for JETS to succeed in its mission, it must maintain a very high staff/student ratio.
  • A campus that is conducive to healthy physical and emotional growth is vital – but this, too, requires significantly more funding than a stand-alone building with overcrowded classrooms.
  • The technical/vocational education is a major cost that cannot be borne by most parents.
  • Most students are on full or partial scholarship for tuition, room, and board.

It’s time we faced the facts. Yeshivas are wonderful schools… for most boys. Most, but hardly all. The rest falls through the cracks. We all know terrific kids who can’t cut it in a regular yeshiva.

  • Not because they’re dumb.
  • Or lack motivation
  • Or don’t care about Judaism.

The fact is not everyone is cut out for a full day of Torah study, plus a full load of academic courses.

  • So first they tune out
  • Next they drop out
  • And finally they fall through the cracks.

When this happens, and it happens often, we all lose. Parents are heartbroken, the boy becomes embittered and the community loses a fine young man. The Torah teaches us: “Chanoch la-naar al pi darko” -“Educate the youth in his way”. That’s what we’re suppose to do. Yet too often the message a boy gets is “it’s our way or the highway”. And that’s not just a shame...It’s a crime. What's more, the very same boys who are not cut out to become rosh yeshivas and Rabbis are often not cut out to become doctors, lawyers or hedge fund managers either. Yet they aren't being offered realistic options in which they can succeed and do very well for themselves and their future families.

JETS – A Radical New Paradigm in Yeshiva Education. JETS was created to respond to this problem in an effective, results-oriented way.