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JETS is a “Yeshiva Trade School” which brings industry and education together to serve a diverse group of students ages 16 to 21 from around the world. Students have come not only from Southern California but point around the globe including the United States East Coast, Paris, Mexico, Belgium, England and France to name a few. JETS goal is to get students into the workplace in lucrative careers with the
life skills necessary to succeed in every way.

JETS Strives and accomplishes growing these wayward youth into Proud Jews and Responsible Citizens. While the religious component is essential to provide these youth a spiritual foundation which will serve them through any of life’s trials, the leadership recognizes that they must first love themselves in order to love G-d.

Along the way, the approach of JETS is to harness the students existing motivations. The school maintains a caring environment and provides the information and resources to develop personal and professional skills.

The goal is for the student to have careers and full actualized lives not just to get a diploma.